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New Arrivals

Coppa Cocktails

Ready to drink cocktails, just add ice! Take a look at
Catskill Liquors.

Bee Organic

Bee Organic is the newest addition to our organic wine section! Now available at Catskill Liquors.

More Organic Wines!

Our organic wine collection has been getting better and better! Come and take a look at Catskill Liquors.




We have wines from different regions around the globe, including the countries of Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, and from across America: California, New York, Oregon, and Washington states.



We have a large selection of Vodka, from traditional to flavored to infused. Whether you want to sip it slow, take a shot, or create a mixed drink, we have the brands for endless possibilities.



With many classes and types, we have a whiskey / whisky for every palate: barley, corn, rye, wheat… American, Irish, Scottish, or Japanese.



Bourbon isn’t just from Kentucky, but it is made only in the United States. Come check out the huge range of this American spirit.



Scotch is the whisky of Scotland, but its appeal is worldwide. Try something new or pick up a classic bottle, we have all the brands you love.



Liqueur is a liquor that’s sweet, and with dozens of options, selecting a liqueur for a special occasion, or just for an after dinner drink, will be a treat of its own.



As the national beverage of Japan, the process of producing and even serving sake is steeped in tradition. If you’d like to try this unique alcoholic beverage, stop by today.

Ports & Sherries


Defined by their region of origin, Port from the Douro region of Portugal and Sherry from the Cádiz province of Spain, they are both popular fortified wines. Maybe it’s time to give it a try!



The popularity of rosé has been on the rise in the past decade, and we have the variety to prove it. From still or sparkling, sweet to dry, rosé is an easy crowd pleaser.

Fine Wines


Fine wine has the flavor, and price tag, to impress. Select your next special occasion bottle from our vast collection.
(We’re happy to offer recommendations.)



Are you looking for a bottle to sip and enjoy, or a bottle to pop? We have a great selection of champagne for your celebration.

Cocktail Mixers


We have the mixers to make the perfect cocktail. More than a selection, it also serves as inspiration.

Low-Alcohol % Wines


We are happy to offer different types of alcohol for different types of drinkers, and that includes great tasting lower alcoholic content wines. Stop by to see our options.



Prosecco is fun to say and is a sparkling, or semi-sparkling, white wine that never disappoints. With a wide price range, you are sure to find the perfect bottle.



Tequila, what could possibly go wrong? Nothing if you have the right type for the right night. Whether it be shots with friends, a relaxing glass at home, or a margarita or other mixed drink with dinner, we have the guidance and options for the perfect drink.